Luxury Spring in Madrid: Golf, Culture, and Gastronomy, an Urban Golf Resort


Luxury Spring in Madrid: Golf, Culture, and Gastronomy, an Urban Golf Resort

05 Mar 24
Madrid stands as a magnet for golf enthusiasts and seekers of high-end tourist experiences. The region, with its idyllic spring climate, provides the perfect backdrop for exploring its 19 internationally renowned golf courses. Designed by icons in the golf world like Nicklaus, Von Hagge, Olazabal, Rees Jones, and Javier Arana, these courses not only challenge players of all levels but have also been the stage for prestigious international tournaments.

The offer is enriched with the inclusion of three courses located in cities declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, adding a layer of historic and cultural charm to the golfing experience. Moreover, the association of golf courses has an agreement with the AEHM (Hotel Business Association of Madrid) representing hotel excellence in Madrid, with more than 40 five-star and 85 four-star establishments promising an unforgettable stay.

Visitors’ taste will find their delight in Madrid, where over 23 Michelin-starred restaurants offer culinary experiences that are a feast for the senses. This world-class gastronomic offering, combined with more than 90 museums, reflects the cultural richness of a city that embraces both tradition and innovation.

Highlights such as the VP Plaza España Design hotel and the Canalejas Gallery are not just luxury accommodations but also centres of art and design, reflecting Madrid’s status as a cutting-edge destination for the most demanding travellers. This unique mix of world-class sport, cultural heritage, luxury, and gastronomy positions Madrid as an unrivalled destination on the international scene.

Spring, with its mild climate and sunny days, is the optimum time to discover Madrid. The city blossoms in this season, offering the perfect setting to enjoy golf, culture, and gastronomy. Madrid invites visitors to live an unparalleled experience, where each day promises to be as varied and exciting as the destination itself.


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