Barcelona Clubs join forces


Seven golf courses come together under the brand “Barcelona Golf Destination” to promote Barcelona as a golfing destination

Barcelona is history, art, music… and now it is also golf. The cosmopolitan Mediterranean city is positioned as one of the most attractive golf destinations in southern Europe thanks to having 7 top-level courses.

The Real Club de Golf El Prat, Club de Golf Barcelona, Golf La Roca, Club de Golf Llavaneras, Golf Montanyà, Club de Golf Terramar and Club de Golf Vallromanes have joined forces under the Barcelona Golf Destination brand with the aim of positioning Barcelona as a golfing destination.

The partnership has designed an ambitious action plan for 2020, among which includes participating in golf trade shows, both for end customers and tour operations, a presence in different tournaments of the European Tour and organizing familiarization trips and press trips. With these steps Barcelona Golf Destination aims to attract European, Asian and American audiences.

Santiago Rosell, president of Barcelona Golf Destination, comments that “this partnership was born from the need to join forces among the golf courses close to the city of Barcelona to publicise a unique global destination for its golfing quality, cultural wealth and unparalleled environment. The union is strong and thanks to this partnership we will be able to compete on a level playing field with other golf destinations”.

The association has the support and collaboration of the Provincial Deputation of Barcelona. “Golf tourism still has a long way to go and thanks to Barcelona Golf Destination and its ambitious action plan, together with the boost of our tourist brand Barcelona is much more, we will be able to attract a high quality tourism to the destination of Barcelona”
explains Juan Luis Ruiz, Deputy Tourism Delegate.

Thanks to the alliance of these 7 golf courses, international visitors have the possibility of playing a great variety of landscapes and visiting courses that have held various Spanish Opens on the European Tour. They can also enjoy the services and modern facilities offered by the different Clubhouses. All of this, together with an airport connected to the main cities of Europe and the rest of the world, the diverse cultural and leisure offerings of the city and a mild Mediterranean climate, places Barcelona among the most attractive emerging golf destinations in Europe.

Enjoy golf in Barcelona

The partnership launches the Barcelona Golf Pass, a “virtual” card that allows you to have different green fee packages to enjoy up to 5 different golf courses at a flat rate. Barcelona Golf Pass is an easy solution for international visitors to design a personalised trip and to be able to book all the courses they want to play at the same time.

The Barcelona Golf Pass rate for playing on up to 3 golf courses is € 199, while booking on up to 5 golf courses is valued at € 299.

To complete the experience, the union has also designed a series of green fee packages with accommodation in one of the hotels located in the clubs or nearby, or in the centre of Barcelona.

Golfers can now check all the offers on the Barcelona Golf Destination website (


• Barcelona Golf Destination is a partnership made up of the Barcelona Golf Club, Real Club de Golf El Prat, Golf La Roca, Club de Golf Llavaneras, Golf Montanyà, Club de Golf Terramar and Club de Golf Vallromanes.
All of which have great tradition, wide international recognition and are located less than 50 kilometres from Barcelona.
• Golfers can enjoy different landscapes during their trip. Golf Terramar and Club de Golf Llavaneras on the coast, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea; Club de Golf Barcelona overlooking Montserrat mountain; at the Real Club de Golf El Prat you can play in the middle of a natural park at the foot of the imposing La Mola mountain; and at Golf La Roca, Golf Montanyà and Club de Golf Vallromanes surrounded by nature.
• Barcelona is one of the most visited destinations. It’s infrastructure, the great variety of leisure offerings, cultural and entertainment proposals and a privileged location on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea position it as one of the best cities in the world.
• Barcelona enjoys a mild climate all year round. With an average temperature of 19º both in spring and autumn, it is possible to play golf at any time of the year.

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